Payright. Buy Now, Pay Later

We have teamed up with Payright, to give you the option of payment instalments on all of our services.

We understand that now in the current climate things might be a bit hard financially, so we want to give you options by allowing bite size repayments, ensuring affordability and flexibility for your home improvement projects and emergency repairs.

What is Payright?

Payright is a privately owned Melbourne-based Australian payment plan provider developed to make things more affordable to consumers, by spreading the cost of purchases over time.

Payright provides a buy-now, pay later flexible payment option for customers. They offer interest free plans of up to $10,000 and terms up to 30 months*
*One-off establishment fee of $0 – $59.90 ($19.90 if repeat purchase) + $2.95 processing fee + $1.61 fortnightly Account Keeping Fee.

Payright practices responsible lending and performs extensive identification and credit checks to ensure a customer’s repayment capability. 

How does it work? 

  • Complete an online application form that takes only a few minutes
  • Choose when you would like to make your repayments
  • Get immediate purchase approval
  • Confirm your purchase and installation today (minimum deposit of 10%)

If you want to use Payright, be sure you enquire when getting a quote or making a purchase. 

If you’d like to learn more don’t hesitate to contact us via phone (1300 111 007) or email ([email protected]).

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