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Gas Fitting & Leaks

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Gas Fitting & Leaks

At Pink Plumbing, we offer professional gas fitting services and leak detection to ensure the safety and efficiency of your gas systems. Whether you’re installing new gas appliances, require maintenance, or suspect a gas leak, our certified gas fitters are equipped to handle all your needs. Gas leaks can be hazardous, and our team is trained to quickly locate and repair leaks, ensuring the safety of your property and occupants. 

On top of proper installation, the best preventive measure against gas leaks from gas fittings is regular checks and maintenance. This simple, affordable action is important to help you avoid dangerous leaks and major damage to your property.

Gas Fitting, Installations and Repairs

At Pink Plumbing, we provide  gas fitting services for both domestic and commercial settings. Our expert team is proficient in a wide range of gas-related tasks, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our services include:

  • BBQ Installation, Connections, and Conversions: Whether you’re setting up a new barbecue or converting an existing one, we handle all aspects of BBQ gas installations.
  • General Gas Fitting, Repairs, and Replacements: From minor repairs to major installations, our expertise covers all general gas fitting needs.
  • Gas Hot Water System Installation and Repairs: Ensure consistent hot water supply with our reliable installation and repair services.
  • Gas Appliance Installations: We expertly install gas cooktops, stoves, ovens, and more, ensuring they function safely and efficiently.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are serious and can pose significant danger. Prompt detection and action are crucial. Some ways to identify a gas leak include:

  • Rotten Egg Smell: If you detect an odour resembling rotten eggs, it could indicate a gas leak. Ensure it’s not due to expired food or other sources in your home.
  • Check Your Gas Meter: For a more precise check, turn off all gas appliances and observe your gas meter. If it continues to tick, this may signal a leak.

If you suspect a gas leak, it’s vital to act swiftly. Call Pink Plumbing immediately, and our team of trained professionals will address the issue promptly, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

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