Blocked Toilets

One of the most common problems our customers face are blocked toilets. It can be an annoying issue, but sometimes it can lead to serious problems. If you have a blocked toilet give us a call and we will attend to it immediately any time of the day!

What are some signs of a blocked toilet?

Some signs that your toilet may be blocked are:

  • Your toilet is draining slowly after flushing or taking longer than before to drain away.
  • The water level rises high in the bowl when flushing.
  • There is a bad stench coming from your toilet.

What Causes Toilets To Block?

Toilets are usually blocked by many things including too much toilet paper, the toilet refresher, children’s toys or shoes. More recently, the most common items are wet wipes. It could be anything!

If you do have a blocked toilet call us on 1300 111 007 and one of our trained professionals will attend to it and unblock it right away! 

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