Our expert team knows that plumbing or drain cleaning emergencies can happen at any time!

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Our expert team of plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Workmanship Guaranteed.

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Your Dedicated Plumbing Experts in Earlwood

Looking for a qualified local plumber who is going to turn up and get your job done? If you live in the Earlwood area, our expert team of plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any of your plumbing needs! We are fully licensed, fully trained, and will get your job done with as little disruption as possible with exceptional customer care. No matter the job, no matter the issue, we are always there for you.

our plumbing services in earlwood

Need some reasons why you should call us for your Earlwood plumbing job? Here are some:

  • General plumbing install, service or repairs
  • Gasfitting
  • Leaking taps
  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilet installation
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Renovation plumbing
  • Kitchen, bathroom and house plumbing
  • Hot water install, service and repairs

Your Dedicated Plumbing Experts in Earlwood

Blocked drain giving you a headache?

If you are in or anywhere near Earlwood please give us a call now – we have the right equipment to clear your drains asap, so you get on with your life!

With affordable prices, and a fully licensed team, we can provide you with a complete array of plumbing services – from clearing blockages to detecting leaks and installing new plumbing appliances.

Earlwood Blocked Drains, Hydro Jet Blasting and Drain Cleaning

Depending on the blockage we will generally have a look at your drain with our CCTV remote camera to work out the type and location of the blockage. We then use a high-pressure jet blaster to cut through any blockages from debris, food or tree roots.

Our hydro jet cleaner uses a water tank, an engine, a pump, and a hose to shoot the water down the drain to clear any items that are causing your plumbing to be blocked. Hydro jet cleaning is one of the simplest and quickest ways to clean your drains. Unlike other forms of cleaning for blocked drains, hydro jet cleaning is much more powerful and effective. Not only does it clear away all debris within the drain and pipes, but it cleans the walls of the pipes, helping to prevent debris getting caught and causing further build up in the future.

After we have cleared the line we inspect it again with the camera to confirm it is not compromised, and if the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

blocked drain plumbers in earlwood

We are able to clear any type of plumbing, including:

  • Blocked drains
  • Kitchen sink
  • Shower drains
  • Sewage drains
  • Blocked toilets

pink plumbing earlwood: why choose us?

From gas pipe service to unclogging blocked drains, Pink Plumbing Professionals has a team of experts that will give you the best quality service for a price you can afford.

  • Trusted by Earlwood locals
  • 100% positive feedback
  • On time
  • Friendly team
  • Quality workmanship
  • Upfront prices
  • Same day service
  • Clean tradesmen that take care of your home and premises

Pink Plumbing offer a network of highly qualified, experienced plumbers who can assist you with guarantee.

Plumbing Repairs

Pink Plumbing offers a range of maintenance services to their Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients to keep their homes and businesses flowing.


Based in Earlwood, we are committed to meeting your plumbing needs. A complete range of services from kitchen, bathroom and laundry to all your household plumbing needs.


Pink Plumbing has extent experience in Commercial plumbing. This is very important as it is more intricate and complex when compared to residential plumbing.


Our focus on delivering professional and quality plumbing services ensures both functional and efficient delivery of services.

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